Counseling Services

We are proud to offer a wide variety of counseling services to the people of Beaumont, TX. Over the course of her long career, Linda has provided counseling to individuals, families and entire communities.

Whether you need help working through difficult times, a family crisis or a community effort, Linda can provide it.

Counseling is an intensely individual process. While there are different schools of thought and modalities, the truth is that no one method of counseling will work for everyone. Linda is prepared to work with you to determine what modalities will work best for your particular needs. She’ll listen to your story and your struggles, helping you work through what is holding you back and suggesting those techniques that she thinks will work best. Linda also has the ability and experience to work with your current psychiatrist or primary care doctor to make sure you are getting the best plan of care possible.

We would love to meet you in person and conduct an in-depth assessment of your needs and goals. Give us a call today to get started. 

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